Fire Fighting Truck Production Line
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CHENGLI SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD Production Line of Fire Fighting Truck

Fire fighting truck is specially used for fire fighting vehicles or other emergency rescue purposes. It can be divided into pump truck(water supple vehicle sprinkling water or fire), aerial(high save) and other special vehicles according to their function.

The brand Chengli Specia Automobile Co,.ltd make is Dongfeng dfac , Shacman , Sinotruck howo , Jac , Foton , FAW , ISUZU , 

Fire truck is mainly used for fire response tasks, most national fire departments, also use it for other emergency rescue purposes.Fire engines can transport firefighters to disaster sites and provide them with a variety of tools to carry out relief missions.

1) Emergency Rescue Fire Truck is composed with truck body and cabin,cabin is two rows,which can allow 6 persons.The front part of truck body is equipment room,middle is water tank and foam tank,rear is pump room.

2) To ensure good performance of Emergency Rescue Fire Truck is equipped with middle and low pressure fire pump CB20.10/30.6o with flow rate at 60L/S and Shandong zhangqiu fire monitor PL48-64YZ.

3) Firefighter Trucks are widely used in factory,terminal,oil&gas depot to insure emergency fire cases.

4)Loading capacity range of Emergency Rescue Fire Truck:2ton,2t,3ton,5ton,6tons,8ton,10tons,12ton,14ton,16ton

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