Production Line of LPG Tank
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Production Line of LPG Tank

China LPG storage tanks is also called LPG bulk tank , LPG bowser , LPG tank and so on . Which is for holding liquids , propane , ammonia , propylene , Isobutane , compressed gases (gas tank or pressure vessel , which is not typically lobeled or regulated as a storage tank )or mediums used for the short or long term storage of heat or cold , The China LPG storage tanks can be used for reservoirs , and for manufactured containers . 

The Tanker we can make 5 Cubic Meter to 120 Cubic Meter , The Material is Carton Steel , The Design pressure is 1.77Mpa , We also can make ASME Standard . 

This Tanker it is used to be transport the LPG Gas Which For Cooking .

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Vacuum Suction Truck
Fuel Tank Truck / Trailer
Bitumen Spray Truck
Fire Fighting Truck
LED Advertisement Truck
Road Sweeper/Cleaning Truck
Refrigerator Truck
Water Tank Truck
Garbage truck
Truck Mounted Crane
Flatbed Truck
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