ATV Tracked Fire Safety Fighting Robot With Water Cannon
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ATV Tracked Fire Safety Fighting Robot With Water Cannon

Model :RXR-YM60000D

Applicable areas: forest fires, fire extinguishing in subways, highways, railway tunnels, underground facilities and freight yards, petrochemical refineries and oil depots Rescue, camera monitoring, sweeping and handling of dangerous goods, or obstacle removal, etc.

ATV Tracked Fire Safety Fighting Robot With Water Cannon 

Fault diagnosis: real-time online monitoring of the working status of the smoke extinguishing tank, such as the working status of the smoke extinguishing device, host, wireless communication, camera, etc., and promptly alarm when a fault is found, and take the initiative to take safety measures.
Image acquisition: 1080P high-definition images are returned with low latency, live images are played in real time, and the images are smooth. Provide clear images for the rescue site headquarters so that commanders and fighters can make a correct and reasonable rescue plan. The transmission distance can reach 200m.
PTZ control: It can realize the camera movement control in the horizontal and vertical angles, the range of horizontal 0~360°, the range of vertical 0~180°, the camera focus, zoom in, zoom out and other operations, the PTZ is equipped with infrared night vision function.
Spray mechanism control: It can realize the vertical angle motion control of fog cannon, water cannon and foam cannon, the vertical angle is 0~45°, and can control multiple spray modes of water cannon (flowering, direct current).
Obstacle clearing function: The hydraulic dozer can be used to clear the road obstacles at the explosion site; promote the establishment of fire-retardant belts on the sand and soil at the disaster relief site.
Backup oil source: The external hydraulic components can be driven to implement emergency rescue operations through the backup oil port set up in the hydraulic system, such as driving flood drainage pumps, hydraulic rescue tools, hydraulic jacking equipment, hydraulic exhaust fans and other mobile hydraulic rescue equipment)
Illumination and warning system: The illuminator installed in the front of the equipment can provide necessary illumination for the rescue site.

ATV Tracked Fire Safety Fighting Robot With Water Cannon Technical date:
Fire Fighting Robot Specification
Type ATV hydraulic self-propelled
Engine Joint venture brand engine
Cooling system: Maintenance-free cooling system
Control method: Wireless control and emergency manual
Driving speed: 0-3Km/h
Gradeability: 190mm
Dimensions: 2860×1485×2100mm
Remote control battery life: Built-in battery 4H
Towing capacity: 200m

Overview of smoke extinguishing device
Long range water cannon (Φ80X1/DN65X1 internal button interface, flow 0~80L/S automatically adjusted under 5~10 bar pressure, range 70m, DC and flowering can be converted by wireless remote control)
Foam cannon (Φ80X1/DN65X1 internal button interface, under 5~8 bar pressure, rated flow of foam mixture 60L/S, range 50m)
Water mist cannon (Inlet Φ65 internal button interface, 720mm muzzle, 216 water mist nozzles distributed inside, under 10~16bar pressure, range 40m, flow 400L/min)
Smoke machines Delivery (exhaust) air volume: 60000 cubic meters/hour
Spray angle Vertical jet angle 0~45°

Control system overview
1 Support one-way image transmission, 200m transmission distance
2 Support one-way digital transmission, two-way, 200m transmission distance
3 High real-time communication between robot and handheld control device
4 Support simultaneous control of motion control of PTZ camera, host, water cannon, etc.
5 The whole system is easy to install, easy to debug and maintain
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