ChengLi manufacture 17 units of refrigerator trucks to help Uzbekistan the Shopping-basket project
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ChengLi manufacture 17 units of refrigerator trucks to help Uzbekistan the Shopping-basket project

The refrigerated truck sent to Uzbekistan on January 12 is ready to go. The model is the Chengli Isuzu dual-row refrigerated truck. The model: CLW5041XLQL6, the size of the vehicle: 5995*1930*2870 Qingling Isuzu dual-row refrigerated truck uses Qingling Isuzu. The chassis is equipped with a modified refrigerated body, with 100P double-row cab, Isuzu 120 horsepower engine, Isuzu five-speed gearbox, 3360mm wheelbase, 7.00 steel wire tires, ABS, dynamic rotation, 5T rear axle, oil brake dual circuit, air conditioning , Electric doors and windows, central lock, remote control key, adjustable headlights, absolutely luxurious interior.

In recent years, in accordance with Kazakhstan’s plan for the northern region, Northern Kazakhstan has focused on the development of ecological agriculture and eco-tourism. The livestock industry has vigorously developed the cattle and sheep breeding industry. In addition to wheat, the planting industry has expanded to include sunflower seeds, rapeseed, linseed, etc. The planting area of economic crops, oil processing, dairy products, sausage products and other food processing industries are also booming.

In the future, with the effective advancement of cooperation, we are committed to bringing people a better life, and will bring Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan high-quality agricultural products to the Chinese people, so that people can enjoy more abundant and diversified food at home. Of exotic products.

The Isuzu refrigerated truck 700P has a high load-bearing and lightweight chassis, matched with Qingling’s own refrigerated body. The body has high strength, light weight and long service life. The excellent heat insulation performance guarantees the quality of cargo transportation, and it is more fuel-efficient and economical. Electricity. The special box board is integrally formed without joints, and the integrated reinforcing ribs increase the strength of the box board. The floor adopts a sub-longitudinal beam + cross beam structure to improve the carrying capacity of the car body, and the whole vehicle is solid and safe to use.

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