What are the different fire trucks?
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What are the different fire trucks?

Classification of fire trucksFire trucks are classified according to the tank size: light fire trucks, medium fire trucks, and heavy fire trucks; according to their appearance: single bridge fire trucks, double bridge fire trucks, flat head fire trucks, pointed fire trucks Chassis types are divided into: Dongfeng fire truckFAW Jiefang fire truck, Forland fire truckShacman Shaanxi Automobile fire truck, Sinotruk howo fire truck, ISUZU fire truck ,Iveco Fire truck,Foton Fire truck, and fire trucks are classified according to the brand: pump fire truck equipped with fire water pumps and other fire equipment and passenger seats , In order to transport firefighters to the fire site, use the water source to directly put out the fire, and can also be used to supply water to other fire extinguishing spray equipment on the fire site. Most domestic pump fire trucks are modified from Jeep chassis and BJ130 chassis, which are suitable for cities and towns with narrow roads with water sources. In addition to being equipped with fire-fighting water pumps and equipment, water tank fire trucks are also equipped with larger capacity water storage tanks, water guns, and water cannons. Water and firefighters can be transported to the fire scene to fight the fire independently. It can also draw water from a water source for direct fire fighting, or supply water to other fire trucks and fire extinguishing spray devices. It can also be used as a water supply and water delivery vehicle in water-scarce areas. It is suitable for fighting general fires. It is a standing fire-fighting vehicle for public security fire brigades and full-time enterprise fire brigades. Foam fire trucks are mainly equipped with fire-fighting water pumps, water tanks, foam liquid tanks, foam mixing systems, foam guns, cannons and other fire-fighting equipment, which can independently fight fires. It is especially suitable for fighting oil fires such as petroleum and its products. It can also supply water and foam mixture to the fire site. It is a necessary fire fighting vehicle for petrochemical enterprises, oil transportation terminals, airports and urban professional fire brigades.

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