What is the rescue Fire Truck Spare part ?
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1), chassis

Rescue and rescue fire trucks generally use heavy truck chassis, double-row cabs, multiple occupants, and the maximum total chassis mass is 14.6t.

2) Hoisting crane

Lifting cranes mostly use truck-mounted cranes, with a general lifting capacity of 5t. Manufacturers of different crane brands choose different suppliers according to their supporting systems.

3) Traction winch

The traction winch is mainly installed on the front of the chassis. It is divided into two types: electric winch and hydraulic winch. Generally, electric winch is used for relatively small traction, and the layout is simple; the hydraulic winch is used for large traction, but the layout is complicated, and the hydraulic pipeline needs to be arranged to the front of the chassis , And need to install another drive oil pump to provide power.

4) Lifting lighting system

Fix the lamp components on the light pole through the rotating pan-tilt, and use the wired controller or wireless remote control to stand the light pole from the roof of the car to operate the 360-degree rotating pan-tilt for omni-directional search, positioning and lighting functions. Generally, the lifting height of the lifting lighting system used in rescue fire trucks is about 8m, the power of the lighting lamp is 4×1000w, and the brand of the lighting system is also different.

5) Generator

The generator mainly uses a gasoline engine generator, which can provide 220V power, which can provide power for the lifting lighting system, and can also provide power for other electrical devices. Under normal circumstances, the generator power is about 8kW, and the maximum is 10kW.

These five aspects are the main configuration of the rescue fire truck. In addition to these configurations, the equipment box is arranged. The equipment box is generally covered with aluminum alloy profile frame and aluminum plate. The space and capacity of the equipment box are determined according to the carrying capacity of the chassis.

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