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ISUZU 600P 8 ton Small Capacity Dump Truck

Chassis Brand


Payload Capacity

8 ton

Material of Tank

carbon steel 




Construction project, heavy duty transportation

Description FEEDBACK

ISUZU 600P 8ton 4*2 Small Capacity Dump Truck

 A dump truck (or, UK, dumper tipper truck) is a truck used for transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel, or dirt) for construction. A typical dump truck is equipped with an open-box bed, which is hinged at the rear and equipped with hydraulic pistons to lift the front, allowing the material in the bed to be deposited ("dumped") on the ground behind the truck at the site of delivery. In the UK and Australia the term applies to off-road construction plant only, and the road vehicle is known as a tipper, tipper lorry (UK) or tip truck (AU).

Truck Picture:

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