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ISUZU 5000Liter High Pressure Vacuum Tanker Combination Sewer Flushing Cleaning Jetting Truck
Chengli Special Automobile CO,Ltd finish produce of ISUZU High Jetting Jetter Sewage Sewer Cleaning Suctio Truck and testing it before ship to CLW group Customer
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ISUZU 5000Liter High Pressure Vacuum Tanker Combination Sewer Flushing Cleaning Jetting Truck 

Suction Truck also called China fecal suction truck, Japan Brand I suzu fecal suction truck, fecal suction truck, Septic tank truck, Septic Tanker, Sewage water suction truck, vacuum suction truck, wastewater suction truck is used to collect, transport and discharge dirty water , sludge , septic , etc . such liquid stuff , It is suitable for cleaning the septic tank , cesspit , cesspool , gully , etc . It is widely used in environment and sanitation field .

Truck model ISUZU sewage suction truck
Model   QL1100TKARY
Vehicle size (mm) 6800×2000×2350
A/D angle   20/16
F/R hang (mm) 1015/1525
Total mass (Kg) 6495
Rated mass (Kg) 4000
Curb weight (Kg) 2050
Max speed (km/h) 98
Axles   2
Wheelbase   3815
Wheel loading   1805/2690
Steel spring NO   3/3+2
Tyre NO   6
Tyre size   7.00R16 8PR
Front tread   1504
Rear tread   1525
Engine Model Euro 4 engine
Power 96
Horse power 130HP
TANKER Sewage tanker 2000gallons
ISUZU  jetting sewage truck Oily water separator, air water separator, special vacuum excrement suction pump, pressure volume gauge, pipeline system, the sucking tube, flow valve, vacuum tank, a communicating device (as the dung window), automatic anti-overflow valve these parts
More tanker equipment
ISUZU  jetting sewage truck Vane rotor pump with 4-way-value
Vacuum pump
Suction tube diameter 108mm
High pressure water pump Bentian brand
assembly Oil-water separator,
gas-water separator,
Hydraulic self-unloading device,
Special vacuum suction pump,
Pressure volume table,
Pipe network system,
Aspiration catheter,
Gravity valve,
Vacuum tank,Connector ( depending on the dung window ),
automatic anti-overflow valve,
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